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Graffiti Graphics On Cinder block Wall

This week we have been updating our Carhartt store by adding rough cut lumber, painting the walls and adding graphics.  We have one wall in our showroom that is a cinder block wall and could not decide on what color to paint.  After brainstorming for a while, our crew decided that we should Wrap the wall with digitally printed graphics.  Graffiti was the choice of design along with various Carhartt and Redwing logos.

We have used Arlon High Tack adhesive vinyl printed with our Mimaki printer.  The graphics were designed in-house and printed directly to the Arlon vinyl.  Using a heat gun and a specially textured wall roller for installation, we have achieved the look we were looking for.  You can see the texture of the block through the graphic which makes it appear like someone painted the wall.

Outdoor kitchen & bar cover

This custom outdoor kitchen/bar cover that we installed today looks and fits great.

We used a 9.5 oz polyester fabric with 18 oz vinyl reinforcements sewn on the high-stress areas. The typical life of this cover is between 7-15 years, depending on the location.

We included removable screw-eye drop anchors installed in the brick and custom sandbags to hold the cover down.

Angled Corner Awning

This deck has a 45-degree angle and we built the awning to follow it’s shaped.  Depending on the size of the angled corner, it’s possible to install a rectangularly shaped awning over top.  However, in this scenario, the customer decided to follow it’s contour

Hip Bend Patio Awning

Here is a Hip Bend style awning due to low roof lines and not enough pitch for water to shed.  There are 3 options when your home has a low roofline.  We can build a Raised Roof style awning, Rod and Rafter Roof Mount or Hip Bend awning.

This patio cover has an entrance door on the right side of the patio, so the awning has a notch for the building structure in its way.  With a gutter directly above the door, we sewed a fill-panel which connects the awning to the gutter giving us a complete seal over the door.

Round Fabric Patio Awning

Here is a rounded patio awning that we have recently completed.  It was the customer’s option to place a rectangularly shaped awning over his curved patio or if he wanted us to follow all contours around his new concrete pad.  He decided to follow the contours, so we first started by bending the framework on-site using our electric bender to (more…)

Repaired Canvas Products

Here you can see one of our guys stitching and patching a large tarp.  Our large-scale repairs are done in one of our separate garages so that our new product does not get dirty.  There are very few times when a repair comes in that is freshly cleaned ! (more…)

New Digital Graphics For Sign Box

We started a project earlier this week for the 3F club.  There are 2 signs total, one is 12 ft x 8 ft rectangular shaped, and the other one is a 6 ft diameter.

Both frames are required to be made with a 1″ x 1″ aluminum frame.  The rectangular sign is stick built and welded corners and center supports.  The circular sign shape is achieved using our electric bender and welder.  The graphics (more…)

Patio Awning Recover

Today one of our projects are re-covering an existing awning frame.  The customer was having a hard time choosing a color so we provided them with a rendering.  Here we are cutting the awning on our Eastman Automatic Cutting Table. (more…)

27 cushions for church pews

Here you can see Diane working on our church pew cushion project.  The church is replacing 27 pews and needs new cushions.  We are using Sunbrella Black Chery as the fabric choice.  New 3″ foam is required as the pews did not have existing covers.  The lengths range from 4 ft to 17 ft long each piece. (more…)

Winter Cover Season

As you can see we are getting ready for winter cover season.  Here is half of a boat cover getting ready for patterning.  We service the Buffalo Niagara, Rochester, and Erie Pennsylvania regions.  Our custom boat covers come with a 1-3/8″ galvanized steel frame with a 2 piece separating cover.  5-year full warranty included, where the typical life of the (more…)