Graffiti Graphics On Cinder block Wall

This week we have been updating our Carhartt store by adding rough cut lumber, painting the walls and adding graphics.  We have one wall in our showroom that is a cinder block wall and could not decide on what color to paint.  After brainstorming for a while, our crew decided that we should Wrap the wall with digitally printed graphics.  Graffiti was the choice of design along with various Carhartt and Redwing logos.

We have used Arlon High Tack adhesive vinyl printed with our Mimaki printer.  The graphics were designed in-house and printed directly to the Arlon vinyl.  Using a heat gun and a specially textured wall roller for installation, we have achieved the look we were looking for.  You can see the texture of the block through the graphic which makes it appear like someone painted the wall.